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[dinosaur] Cretaceous dinosaur find in Chile + Amur dinosaurs + Montana nodosaur dig + more

Ben Creisler

Some recent items:


Weekly stuff roundup: 6th April, 2018



A Cretaceous Turtle from Canada | New species reported this week



Missed It? | Full list of the 55 paleontological papers published this week



Paleontological papers on the news this week



Missed It? | News from around the world published this week



Expedition in southernmost Magallanes region of Chile finds Cretaceous fossils of a variety of mammals (three morphotypes) and, most notably, a semi-articulated dinosaur skeleton said to be the first discovery of this type of dinosaur (not revealed) in the far southern region and a new species for Chile. Other fossils include possible lizards and marine reptiles. (in Spanish)



Chilesaurus â what is it?



South Dakota paleontologist set to uncover new species of ankylosaur




Rescuing fossils: How Albertaâs big flood led dinosaur experts to once-in-a-lifetime specimens



Amur dinosaurs of eastern Russia; including interview with paleontologist Yuri Bolotsky, who recalls dinosaur discoveries in region, including Amurosaurus, Kerberosaurus, and at Kundur, Olorotitan, Kundurosaurus and Arkharavia; currently, there is no major local museum to highlight dinosaurs from the Amur region (in Russian)



Newly found fossils go on show at Prefectural Dinosaur Museum in Fukui, Japan



Messel Pit dig moratorium update -- a test dig is scheduled between May 2 and June 8, with a decision afterward about more excavation work. There has been a government-imposed moratorium on fossil digs at Messel since last year in light of its UNESCO World Heritage site status. Details of a new management plan for conducting work at the site in the future are to be drawn up. The goal is to protect the site's resources for scientific research in the future. (in German)



Fossilized sarcopterygian fish footprints may get tourism dollars in Northwest Territories