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[dinosaur] New Archaeopteryx specimen (large wing) found + Are hadrosaurs really "duckbills"? + Megalosaurus

Ben Creisler

Some additional recent items:

New Archaeopteryx specimen (large wing) found

Fossils found last November in a quarry in MÃhlheim near MÃrnsheim (EichstÃtt) turn out to be the wing of an Archaeopteryx, being both the largest (10-15 percent larger than others) and the youngest specimen known, coming from upper layers of the Solnhofen beds. (in German)



Enough with the 'Duckbilled Dinosaurs'



Megalosaurus in art and media (in Spanish)



10 major paleontological discoveries in Russia (in Russian):

Novosibirsk mammoth, wooly rhino Sasha, baby mammoths Dima and Lyuba, Yuka mammoth brain, Archosaurus, Amurosaurus, Psittacosaurus, Smara marine reptiles, Olorotitan



in the new May issue of Scientific American (requires subscription to read):

The Unlikely Triumph of Dinosaurs
Stephen Brusatte