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Re: [dinosaur] Paper Pterodactylus: Critiques?

Hi Grant;

What about incorporating the hindlimbs into the wing, so that from above the wing piece would look moe like the silhouettes shown here: https://longrichpaleolab.com/blog/


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Subject: [dinosaur] Paper Pterodactylus: Critiques?
Hi everybody,

I have a side job creating children's educational activities for a 
blog. For one of these, I've made a simple paper model of Pterodactylus.

You can see two pictures of it here:

I think it's pretty good, but I would love to hear any critiques, and 
whether anything stands out as being wrong with it. Proportions, 
shapes, positions of body parts, anything like that. I don't want to 
put out something inaccurate.

(I know it's only got one wing. It will have two when it's finished.)

Thanks so much!

-Grant Harding