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[dinosaur] Baurusuchidae vs Theropoda record in the Upper Cretaceous Bauru Group of Brazil

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Kamila L. N. Bandeira, Arthur S. Brum, Rodrigo V. PÃgas, Giovanne M. Cidade, Borja Holgado, Andrà Cidade & Rafael Gomes de Souza (2018)
The Baurusuchidae vs Theropoda record in the Bauru Group (Upper Cretaceous, Brazil): a taphonomic perspective.
Journal of Iberian Geology (advance online publication)
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s41513-018-0048-4


The Bauru Group is worldwide known due to its high diversity of archosaurs, especially that of Crocodyliformes. Recently, it has been suggested that the Crocodyliformes, especially the Baurusuchidae, were the top predators of the Bauru Group, based on their anatomical convergence with theropods and the dearth of those last ones in the fossil record of this geological group.


Here, we erect the hypothesis that assumption is taphonomically biased. For this purpose, we made a literature survey on all the published specimens of Theropoda, Baurusuchidae and Titanosauria from all geological units from the Bauru Group. Also, we gathered data from the available literature, and we classified each fossil find under a taphonomic class proposed on this work.


We show that those groups have different degrees of bone representativeness and different qualities of preservation pattern. Also, we suggest that baurusuchids lived close to or in the abundant flood plains, which explains the good preservation of their remains. Theropods and titanosaurs did not live in association with such environments and the quality of their preservation has thus been negatively affected.


We support the idea that the Baurusuchidae played an important role in the food chain of the ecological niches of the Late Cretaceous Bauru Group, but the possible biases in their fossil record relative to Theropoda do not support the conclusion that baurusuchids outcompeted theropods. Rather, this taphonomic bias must be tackled first, which previous studies have not regarded.

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