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[dinosaur] Mary Odano Obituary

Thank you to Tom Johnson for letting me know about Mary Odano.  I first met Mary at SVP in Denver years ago and am sad to hear that she has passed away.
 (From Tom Johnson)
I learned last night that Mary Odano, a long-time preparator at the Los Angeles County Museum and owner of Valley Anatomical Preparations, passed away in October.  Her obituary was published in December in an Indiana newspaper.
I scanned the DML for any posts, and was a little surprised to see no notice in the LA Times, so it occurred to me that there may be many who have not yet learned of her passing.
I'm sure Sam McLeod knew her!
Anyway, if it would be appropriate at this late date, I wondered if you would like to post a brief notice of her passing in the DML? 
Mary Odano was not only a skilled preparator and maker of fossil replicas, she was a very warm and generous friend, and I'm sure many in the paleo community, especially in southern California, will want to know of her passing.
Tom Johnson