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[dinosaur] Theropod teeth from Barranco del Hocino in Spain

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

A. Alonso, J. M. Gasca, P. Navarro-LorbÃs, C. Rubio & J. I. Canudo (2018)
A new contribution to our knowledge of the large-bodied theropods from the Barremian of the Iberian Peninsula: the "Barranco del Hocino" site (Spain).
Journal of Iberian Geology (advance online publication)
DOI:Â https://doi.org/10.1007/s41513-018-0051-9


Barranco del Hocino-1 is a new fossil site located near Estercuel, Teruel province, Spain. The fossil site is located geologically within the Oliete sub-basin, in the Blesa Formation (Barremian in age). Barranco del Hocino-1 shows a diverse assemblage of tetrapod vertebrates similar to other sites in the Blesa Formation.

Materials and methods

Six isolated teeth belonging to Theropoda have been found. A study of their qualitative and quantitative characters, along with statistical (DFA) and cladistic analyses, enable us to identify four different dental morphotypes.


These morphotypes belong to separate tetanuran theropod taxa. One is related to Spinosauridae. The other morphotypes show affinities with non-spinosaurid tetanurans, probably related to Carcharodontosauria.


The results are congruent with the known theropod record of the Iberian Peninsula and western Europe. This work is a new contribution to what is known of the palaeobiodiversity and distribution of large-bodied theropods from the Barremian of the Iberian Peninsula.

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