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[dinosaur] Agadirichnus at Tagragra Tracksite in Morocco, first pterosaurian ichnotaxon described

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Moussa Masrour, Marc de Ducla, Jean-Paul Billon-Bruyat & Jean-Michel Mazin (2018)
Rediscovery of the Tagragra Tracksite (Maastrichtian, Agadir, Morocco): Agadirichnus elegans Ambroggi and Lapparent 1954 is Pterosaurian Ichnotaxon.
Ichnos (advance online publication)
doi: https://doi.org/10.1080/10420940.2017.1386661

Discovered in 1954 by Ambroggi and Lapparent, the Tagragra tracksite (Maastrichtian, Agadir, Morocco) yielded tracks of theropod dinosaurs, birds and enigmatic forms tentatively attributed to Lacertilia under the name Agadirichnus elegans. The original specimens are today considered to be lost, and the status of A. elegans has been questioned, even though these footprints can retrospectively be referred to pterodactyloid pterosaur tracks. In order to discuss the status of these foot prints, the historical site has been actively sought and recently rediscovered by one of us (MdD). New material confirms the presence of pterodactyloid footprints, with two morphotypes, in two different facies, respectively associated with bird and theropod tracks. Morphotype I is tentatively conferred to Pteraichnus Stokes 1957 , which extends the stratigraphical distribution of this ichnotaxon to the Maastrichtian. Morphotype II corresponds to the original ichnospecies A. elegans Ambroggi and Lapparent 1954, which is here reassessed as a valid ichnotaxon, with the designation of a neotype. Thus, A. elegans Ambroggi and Lapparent 1954Â is historically the first pterosaurian ichnotaxon ever described.


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