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[dinosaur] fundraising for new dinosaur textbook

Hello friends!

My name is Jamale Ijouiher and as some of you already know I'm trying toÂpublish my own book:ÂThe Old Kingdom - the Palaeontology & Palaeoecology of Cenomanian North Africa.

While Indiana University Press has agreed to publish my work;Âartwork does not come cheap and I'm organising a fund raiser to help raiseÂthe amount still left outstanding.

IfÂyou areÂable to donate anything to help me, as well as get the word out on your own websites, it would be greatly appreciated.Â

You'll not only be helping me move my career forward, but you'll be helping me realise a goal.ÂThis bookÂhas been a labour of love that I've worked nonstop on since 2009.

Best Wishes,