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[dinosaur] Spinosaur Paper Requests

I'm looking for pdfs of these spinosaur-related papers.

Buffetaut, E., & Ingavat, R. (1986). Unusual theropod dinosaur teeth from the Upper Jurassic ofÂPhu Wiang, northeastern Thailand.ÂRevue de PalÃobiologie, 5(2), 217-220.

Kellner, A.W.A., & Campos, D.A. (1996). First Early Cretaceous theropod dinosaur from BrazilÂwith comments on Spinosauridae.ÂNeues Jahrbuch fÃr Geologie und PalÃontologie - Abhandlungen,Â199, 151-166.

Russell, D. A. (1996). Isolated dinosaur bones from the middle Cretaceous of the Tafilalt,ÂMorocco.ÂBulletin du MusÃum National dâHistoire Naturelle Section C: Sciences de laÂTerre, 18(2), 349-402.

Hasegawa, Y., Buffetaut, E., Manabe, M., & Takakuwa, Y. (2003). A possible spinosaurid toothÂfrom the Sebayashi Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Gunma, Japan.ÂBulletin of GunmaÂMuseum of Natural History, 7,Â1-5.