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[dinosaur] Field Paleontology Course: Dinosaurs and National Parks July 22-31, Wyoming and Montana, USA

Undergraduate and graduate students from any higher-ed institution are invited to participate in a 3-credit field course in Wyoming from July 22â31, 2018. Students will participate in an active dinosaur dig and learn how to reconstruct the biology of extinct animals. Techniques learned will include fossil excavation and conservation, geologic mapping, and paleoenvironmental reconstruction. Visits to Yellowstone National Park and other parks in the area are designed to educate students about the deep connections between the biological and geological history of the region. This course has a weekly online component that leading up to departure to Wyoming and Montana. Lodging will be at the historicÂYellowstone-Bighorn Research AssociationÂ(YBRA) in the picturesque and rugged Beartooth Mountains.

The application and syllabus can be found here:Âhttp://biology.adelphi.edu/field-course-dinosaurs-and-national-parks/Â

Please direct any questions to Dr. Michael D'Emic (mdemic@adelphi.edu