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[dinosaur] Carcharodontosaurids from Cretaceous of North Africa, evolution and distribution (free pdf)

Ben Creisler

A new paper with free pdf:

Carlos Roberto dos Anjos Candeiro, Sthepen Louis Brusatte, Luciano Vidal & Paulo Victor Luiz Gomes da Costa Pereira (2018)
Paleobiogeographic evolution and distribution of Carcharodontosauridae (Dinosauria, Theropoda) during the middle Cretaceous of North Africa.
PapÃis Avulsos de Zoologia 58: e20185829

Over the last few decades, the systematics and evolution of carcharodontosaurids, a group of large predatory dinosaurs, from North Africa have been better understood mainly due the discovery of new species. We review this record here and discuss its importance for understanding the evolution and ecology of these dinosaurs. North Africa has one of the best records of carcharodontosaurid species. These species show dietary specializations and paleogeographic distributions similar to other top predatory theropods such as Abelisauridae and Spinosauridae. However, carcharodontosaurids have a wider distribution than other large theropods. The middle Cretaceous of North Africa was characterized by the niche overlap between large predators. This evidence increases our understanding of the evolution of Carcharodontosauridae in a highly competitive region, a conjuncture rarely reported for large top predators.