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Re: [dinosaur] Largest T. rex individual

Great post Tomas' - and, of course, different people measure length differently using different landmarks, etc.  R

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Although this might be interesting as an intellectual exercise, we have zero evidence such a tooth actually exists in reality.

Also, you should not extrapolate linearly. T. rex teeth seem to increase with positive allometry, so you would need to adapt a scaling equation based on the largest teeth of each known individual vs. the measurement of interest (body length, hip height, skull length, femur length, etc.), and then plug the supposed giant tooth into those equations.

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Good day,

a few days back there was a post about tyrannosaur tooth from a private collection, that is 17 inches (43.2 cm) long. If this measurement is correct, than how large could be its former owner? Is it correct to extrapolate the length of largest known "Sue" tooth (30.5 cm long)? It such a case, this T. rex individual would be 1.4 times larger, i. e. about 17.2 meters long and 5.2 meters tall in the hips (which would be monstrous). Thank you in advance, Tom


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