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Re: [dinosaur] Origin of suckling in mammals

Gesendet:ÂMittwoch, 18. Juli 2018 um 06:53 Uhr
Von:Â"Ben Creisler" <bcreisler@gmail.com>

> fromÂ5th International Palaeontological Congress Abstracts Book
> Alfred Crompton, Catherine Musinsky, Jose Bonaparte, Bhart-Anjan BhullarÂ& 
> Tomasz Owerkowicz (2018)
> Speculations on the origin of the mammalian fauces: therians and monotremes 
> compared.
> 5th International Palaeontological CongressÂAbstracts Book:Â884
> [...] The heterodont dentition (incisors, canines and postcanines) of Permian 
> therapsids suggests some processing of food occurred in the postcanine 
> region, which would have required a way to prevent food from passing 
> prematurely into their wide-open pharynx. [...]

"Some" processing of food need not have been any more than in 
tyrannosaurids...! How much it was should be inferred from the shapes and 
occlusion or lack thereof of the postcanine teeth, and that is, AFAIK, not 
impressive by mammalian or notosuchian standards.

Disclaimer: although I attended the IPC and gave two talks there, I missed this 
talk. All of paleontology was crammed into eleven parallel sessions, so there 
were often five interesting talks at the same time. We all whined a lot.