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[dinosaur] Tet Zoo was T. rex collagen evidence from X-ray diffraction+ pterosaur egg search in Brazil + more

Gesendet:ÂDonnerstag, 26. Juli 2018 um 22:26 Uhr
Von:Â"Ben Creisler" <bcreisler@gmail.com>

> Darren Naish's informative, entertaining, and sometimes provocative Tetzoo 
> blog is ending July 31,Âat least with Scientific American (podcast will 
> continue presumably)

Darren Naish's blog Tetrapod Zoology is _moving_ from Scientific American to a 
secure undisclosed location which will presumably be disclosed in the last Tet 
Zoo post on Scientific American.

The podcast, Tetzoopodcats [sic], will of course continue and was never hosted 
by Scientific American.

> X-ray diffraction confirms soft tissue collagen preservation in T. rex bones