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[dinosaur] Riabininohadros (Styracosterna) redescribed from Upper Cretaceous of Crimean Peninsula

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

A. V. Lopatin, A. O. Averianov & V. R. Alifanov (2018)
New Data on Dinosaurs of the Crimean Peninsula.
Doklady Biological Sciences 482(1): 206â209Â

Reexamination of the holotype of Riabininohadros weberae from the Upper Cretaceous (upper Maastrichtian) of the Crimean Peninsula (Besh-Kosh) allowed determination of previously unknown elements of the femur, astragalus, and calcaneus. This taxon shows a set of primitive characters observed in iguanodontids and basal ornithischians and is referred to as Styracosterna indet. The second dinosaur specimen from Crimea (Aleshino) is a fragmentary skeleton, including cervical and dorsal vertebrae. It possibly belongs to advanced iguanodontids or primitive hadrosauroids. Thus, in the Maastrichtian of the Crimean Peninsula, at least two dinosaur species coexisted.

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