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[dinosaur] Donation for student research from Museu Nacional

Dear colleagues,

I'm aÂstudent representative from the Museu Nacional/UFRJ Zoology post-graduation program.

As you may be aware, last September 2 happened the largest tragedy that destroyed a substantial part of our National Museum of Brazil. The fire not only caused the loss of unrecoverable collections but also shattered many lines of research developed by National Museumâs students (including vertebrate paleontology research). Faced with this, we the students mobilize to receive donations for those who wish to assist in the reconstruction of the MN, directly assisting the students. All this procedure has the authorization and inducement of our institution. For those interested, see attached the following information on how to help us. Also, there is theÂpaypalÂoptionhttps://goo.gl/unB5oy.Â
Sincerely yours,

Rafael Gomes de Souza
PhD StudentÂat Programa de PÃs-GraduaÃÃo em Zoologia (Museu Nacional, UFRJ)
Address: Setor de Paleovertebrados, Depto de Geologia e Paleontologia, Museu Nacional.
Quinta da Boa Vista, s/nÂ, SÃo CristÃvÃo, 20940-040. Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.

Attachment: DocumentacÌaÌo - Recebimento de DoacÌoÌes do Exterior - SAMN (PortuguÃs-IngleÌs).pdf
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