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Re: [dinosaur] The best and worst names of non-avian dinosaurs

There's also Marshater, named for symmetry.

Hard to pick a single best one, but boringly conventional a choice as it may be, there's no getting around that Tyrannosaurus is felicitous.

For worst, Megapnosaurus. Bad Greek, stupid meaning, and disagreeable circumstances.

Andreas Johansson

On Sat, 1 Aug 2020 03:50 Jane P Davidson, <jdhexen@unr.edu> wrote:
Then there is Anisonchus cophater which Cope named he said after all the Cope haters. Btw his 180th birthday was 7/28.
Jane DavidsonÂ

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Best Name:

Tyrannosaurus rexÂOsborn, 1905

Popular then and now

means: "tyrant lizard king"

Worst Names:

Ponerosteus exogyrarum (FriÄ,1878)ÂGeorge Olshevsky, 2000

Originally,Â"IguanodonÂexogirarum" AntonÃn FriÄ,1878. =ÂProcerosaurus exogyrarum

means: "worthless bone among the Exogyra (aÂfossil marine oyster)"

"Scrotum humanum"ÂBrookes, 1763 ( = Megalosaurus bucklandii)


On July 31, 2020 at 1:21 AM Iain Reid <iainstein27@gmail.com> wrote:

I have to say I am partial to Ngewvu and Mnyamawamtuka despite difficulties for some people to pronounce and spell. I second mike that Brontomerus stands out, but I find -oposeidon a bit cumbersome no offense. Lythronax and Polacanthus also seem appealing to me.

The worst for me have to be a tossup of unbelievably shortened or flowless names like Yi, Zby, Thanos, or Iguanocolossus or Thanatotheristes. Intentions were good but not good enough.

On Thu, Jul 30, 2020, 1:46 PM Poekilopleuron < dinosaurtom2015@seznam.cz> wrote:
Good day to all listmembers! I would like to ask, what in your opinion is the "best" (coolest) and "worst" generic name of non-avian dinosaurs? Thank you for your thoughts, in advance! Tom