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RE: Columbia Business Updates and Capacity Confirmation

DEAR All  Pls find attached updated CPR & PPR of S21 for your reference, pls review & advise your concern along with upcoming 7/30 buy preparation considering vacation & committed POC timeline. Resource style are as below & let us know if need any kind of assistance in this regards.SAP7DescriptionF21 Y or NLOMFGV1794891Silver Ridge™ II Convertible PantYkgokulHEA1794901Silver Ridge™ II Cargo PantYkgokulHEA1842104Silver Ridge™ 2.0 Convertible PantYkgokulHEA1842133Silver Ridge™ 2.0 PantYkgokulHEA Thanks & best regards.Mostaq

Attachment: P O. CPR HEA.....zip
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