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Re: [dinosaur] Oculudentavis again

Ben Creisler wrote-

"Some details of their original description of the skull would still be accurate enough to establish a distinct and diagnosable taxon."

This would not even matter.  Taxa have been named based on completely misidentified elements (e.g. Ultrasaurus, Anomalocaris) but the name is still valid.  The ICZN only cares that a diagnosis was attempted, not that it was done accurately.

"Note that just because a name was registered with Zoobank, there may still be objections and problems. The "outlaw" self-published Australian herpetologist Raymond Hoser has published dozens of new generic names that show up as validly published in some databases (including Zoobank), but the vast community of academic herpetologists has worked hard to avoid ever citing his work or using his names. There has even been an appeal to the ICZN to invalidate his publications."

Hoser's names are still valid though, which is why the petition exists.  They're just ethically troubling, like Ajancingenia, which is also on ZooBank. 

Mickey Mortimer