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[dinosaur] Plesiosaur pelvic girdle from Antarctica + shastasaurid paleogeography (free pdfs)

Ben Creisler

Recent marine reptile papers with free pdfs:


Case V. Miller, Josà P. O'Gorman, Steven W. Salisbury, Rodolfo A. Coria, Eric M. Roberts, Patrick M. O'Connor, Marcelo A. Reguero & Matthew Lamanna (2020)
A new plesiosaur (Reptilia: Sauropterygia) specimen from the Upper Cretaceous of west Antarctica, with comments on the ontogeny and morphological diversity of the elasmosaurid pelvic girdle.
Annals of Carnegie Museum 86(2): 93-106
[No official online link or doi for now]

Free pdf:


Although knowledge of Mesozoic marine reptiles from Antarctica has improved considerably in recent years, associated and well-preserved skeletal material of these animals remains uncommon. Here we describe a largely complete, closely associated plesiosaur pelvic girdle recovered from the uppermost Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) Sandwich Bluff Member of the LÃpez de Bertodano Formation of Vega Island, in the James Ross Basin of the northernmost Antarctic Peninsula. The new specimen exhibits characters that allow its referral to Elasmosauridae, but its incompleteness precludes a more precise taxonomic determination. Ontogenetically variable and systematically useful features of the elasmosaurid pelvis are reviewed and discussed. The new specimen improves knowledge of Southern Hemisphere elasmosaurids just prior to the K/Pg extinction event.


Free pdf:

Anna Filosi & Gabriele Bindellini (2020)
Paleogeographic distribution of the Shastasauridae: geological evidence for a waterway connecting the Arctic Sea and Eastern Tethys, during the early/middle Anisian.
Fossilia 2020: 21-24.
doi: Âhttps://doi.org/10.32774/FosRepPal.2020.0606

Free pdf:

During Early/Middle Triassic Shastasauridae were located in western Tethys.
We hypothesized three possible migration route for Early/Middle Triassic shastasaurids.
The Viking Graben could represent a waterway across northern Europe.
This hypothesis is partially speculative, further evidence could come from additional future data.
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