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Re: [dinosaur] Pennaraptoran theropod dinosaurs (new monograph) (free pdf)

Ben Creisler


Urrkkk... I should have waited a few minutes to send theÂemail I guess!Â

I'll put together a list of the chapters with abstracts and individualÂlinks, and post it a bit later for fuller coverage in the DML archive.

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On Fri, Aug 21, 2020 at 9:13 AM Alberta Claw <albertonykus@gmail.com> wrote:
The AMNH site now has open access PDFs of the volume available, both as a single file and as individual chapters.

On Fri, Aug 21, 2020 at 4:58 PM Ben Creisler <bcreisler@gmail.com> wrote:
Ben Creisler

A new monograph on pennaraptoran theropods as a Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History is now available as a free pdf.Â

The supplementary stuff is posted and free on the AMNH site.ÂÂ

Pittman, Michael; Xu, Xing; O'Connor, Jingmai.; Field, Daniel J.; Turner, Alan H. (Alan Hamilton); Ma, Waisum.; Makovicky, Peter J.; Tse, Edison.; Norell, Mark.; Pei, Rui.; Pol, Diego.; Goloboff, Pablo A.; Ding, Anyang.; Upchurch, Paul.; Berv, Jacob S.; Hsiang, Allison Y.; Landis, Michael J.; Dornburg, Alex.; Nebreda, Sergio M.; NavalÃn, Guillermo.; MenÃndez, Iris.; Sigurdsen, Trond.; Chiappe, Luis M.; MarugÃn-LobÃn, JesÃs.; Wang, Shuo.; Stiegler, Josef.; Wu, Ping.; Zhong, Zhengming.; Lautenschlager, Stephan.; Meade, Luke E.; Roy, Arindam.; Rogers, Christopher S.; Clements, Thomas.; Habimana, Olivier.; Martin, Peter.; Heers, Ashley M.; Serrano, Francisco J.; Habib, Michael B.; Dececchi, T. Alexander.; Kaye, Thomas G.; Larsson, Hans C.E.; Wang, Xiaoli.; Zheng, Xiaoting.; Novas, Fernando E.; AgnolÃn, Federico L.; Egli, Federico Brisson.; Lo Coco, GastÃn E. (2020)
Pennaraptoran theropod dinosaurs : past progress and new frontiers.
Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 440(1):1-355
doi: https://doi.org/10.1206/0003-0090.440.1.1
URI: http://digitallibrary.amnh.org/handle/2246/7237


[The AMNH link has not yet posted the free pdf. However, a free link is currently available from another site:

Free pdf link currently active:

Table of Contents:

Introduction / Michael Pittman and Xing Xu

Section 1. Systematics, fossil record, and biogeography

Chapter 1. Pennaraptoran systematics / Michael Pittman, Jingmai OâConnor, Daniel J. Field, Alan H. Turner, Waisum Ma, Peter Makovicky, and Xing Xu

Chapter 2. The fossil record of Mesozoic and Paleocene pennaraptorans / Michael Pittman, Jingmai OâConnor, Edison Tse, Peter Makovicky, Daniel J. Field, Waisum Ma, Alan H. Turner, Mark A. Norell, Rui Pei, and Xing Xu

Chapter 3. The impact of unstable taxa in coelurosaurian phylogeny and resampling support measures for parsimony analyses / Diego Pol and Pablo A. Goloboff

Chapter 4. The biogeography of coelurosaurian theropods and its impact on their evolutionary history / Anyang Ding, Michael Pittman, Paul Upchurch, Jingmai OâConnor, Daniel J. Field, and Xing Xu

Chapter 5. Timing the extant avian radiation : the rise of modern birds, and the importance of modeling molecular rate variation / Daniel J. Field, Jacob S. Berv, Allison Y. Hsiang, Robert Lanfear, Michael J. Landis, and Alex Dornburg --

Section 2. Anatomical frontiers

Chapter 6. Disparity and macroevolutionary transformation of the maniraptoran manus / Sergio M. Nebreda, Guillermo NavalÃn, Iris MenÃndez, Trond Sigurdsen, Luis M. Chiappe, and JesÃs MarugÃn-LobÃn

Chapter 7. Tooth vs. beak : the evolutionary developmental control of the avian feeding apparatus / Shuo Wang, Josef Stiegler, Ping Wu, and Cheng-ming Chuong

Chapter 8. Functional morphology of the oviraptorosaurian and scansoriopterygid skull / Waisum Ma, Michael Pittman, Stephan Lautenschlager, Luke E. Meade, and Xing Xu

Chapter 9. Fossil microbodies are melanosomes : evaluating and rejecting the âfossilised decay-associated microbesâ hypothesis / Arindam Roy, Christopher S. Rogers, Thomas Clements, Michael Pittman, Olivier Habimana, Peter Martin, and Jakob Vinther --

Section 3. Early-flight study : methods, status, and frontiers

Chapter 10. Methods of studying early theropod flight / Michael Pittman, Ashley M. Heers, Francisco J. Serrano, Daniel J. Field, Michael B. Habib, T. Alexander Dececchi, Thomas G. Kaye, and Hans C.E. Larsson

Chapter 11. High flyer or high fashion? A comparison of flight potential among small-bodied paravians / T. Alexander Dececchi, Hans C.E. Larsson, Michael Pittman, and Michael B. Habib

Chapter 12. Navigating functional landscapes : a birdâs eye view of the evolution of avialan flight / Hans C.E. Larsson, Michael B. Habib, and T. Alexander Dececchi

Chapter 13. Laser-stimulated fluorescence refines flight modeling of the Early Cretaceous bird Sapeornis / Francisco J. Serrano, Michael Pittman, Thomas G. Kaye, Xiaoli Wang, Xiaoting Zheng, and Luis M. Chiappe

Chapter 14. Pectoral girdle morphology in early-diverging paravians and living ratites : implications for the origin of flight / Fernando E. Novas, Federico L. AgnolÃn, Federico Brisson Egli, and GastÃn E. Lo Coco.


Free pdfs:

Supplemental Material for 'Pennaraptoran theropod dinosaurs : past progress and new frontiers.
Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 440

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