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[dinosaur] Biggest waves of dinomania

Good day to all listmembers!

I wonder, which are the biggest "waves" (outbreaks) of so called dinomania in the history of popular culture? I would say 1.) Crystal Palace dinosaur sculptures (1854); 2.) Discoveries of giant sauropods in American West (1870Âs - 1890Âs); 3.) Description of Tyrannosaurus rex (1905) and donation of Diplodocus replicas to European museums (1905-1912); 4.) Dinosaur exhibition on WorldÂs Fair (1933 and 1964); 5.) Dinosaur renaissance (1969-1980Âs) and 6.) Jurassic Park - Jurassic World (esp. 1993 and 2015, resp.). Any thoughts? Thank you in advance!