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Re: [dinosaur] Biggest waves of dinomania

I'm inclined to characterize the period from 1870s to around 1922 as one big wave, sort of interrupted by Heilmann's work, and lingering on until ~1940. The stagnation of dinosaur-ology during the 30s-60s corresponds to the solidification of dinosaurs in pop culture (residual to King Kong and Sinclair), which seems to have inspired the baby boomers to later pioneer the Renaissance in the 70s and 80s. 

Jurassic Park is just the inevitable pop culture climax of the Renaissance, although I would say the discovery of feathered dinosaurs in China around the same time ultimately has a more lasting impact. And I would say around 1999-2000 the debut of Walking with Dinosaurs impacted how dinosaurs were depicted in art and pop culture - it was the first "big" naturalistic depiction of Renaissance dinosaurs. I would count that era from 1999 to the middle of the 00s as a mini-mania, when the new look of dinosaurs became mainstream and debates about dinosaur biology became less important.

I really don't think there's been a big explosion of dinosaur mania for at least 15 years though. The cultural impact of the new Jurassic Park movies seems relatively limited and in my opinion deservedly so, since its depiction of dinosaurs hasn't changed for 25 years. It's kind of unjust that the ways paleoart is depicting prehistoric life for the last 10 years or so have not been translated to the silver screen or even TV (to my knowledge).

Thomas Yazbeck

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Subject: [dinosaur] Biggest waves of dinomania
Good day to all listmembers!

I wonder, which are the biggest "waves" (outbreaks) of so called dinomania in the history of popular culture? I would say 1.) Crystal Palace dinosaur sculptures (1854); 2.) Discoveries of giant sauropods in American West (1870´s - 1890´s); 3.) Description of Tyrannosaurus rex (1905) and donation of Diplodocus replicas to European museums (1905-1912); 4.) Dinosaur exhibition on World´s Fair (1933 and 1964); 5.) Dinosaur renaissance (1969-1980´s) and 6.) Jurassic Park - Jurassic World (esp. 1993 and 2015, resp.). Any thoughts? Thank you in advance!