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Re: Saudi Arabia Investment Proposal..

Dear Sir,

I write you on the basis of universal brotherhood irrespective of country, 
tribe or religion one may belong.

My name is Dr  Ibrahim Hassan Imani, a Project Director with the Saudi Arabia 
Ministry of Energy.  I have a balance of US$27,550,000.00 from over-invoiced 
contract payment which emanated from a contract executed by a Japanese company 
in the Saudi Arabia Oil Company (Saudi Aramco).

I'm seeking for your cooperation and assistance to repatriate this money into 
your account for a possible investment in your country or elsewhere.

You and I shall discuss and agree on the terms and conditions of our 
cooperation which includes but not limited to the value of your commission.

Finally, the entire gamut of transaction does not portend any risk to you. It 
is completely risk free.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards.
Dr  Ibrahim Hassan Imani
Project Director
Whatsapp: +966 54 760 9586