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{Spam?} Re: Your Compensation Payment

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Date: 20200826
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--- Begin Message ---
Attention: Beneficiary.

I am writing to inform you that I am a delegate from the United Nations 
Compensation commission and to notify you finally about your outstanding 
Compensation payment of $3.9 Million USD with identification number 

This compensation is being made all over the world for losses/damages as a 
result of the Covid 19 pandemic. An instruction was given by the Office of 
Presidency and United Nations (UN) and also (IMF) to transfer the Sum of $3.9 
Million USD through ATM Debit Card to you, which you can use in any ATM Card 
cash point, Shopping mall or Banking ATM Card terminal, You can withdraw money 
from your ATM Debit Card from any ATM MACHINE location or center of your 
choice/nearest to you, in any part of the world.

For more information kindly contact us back with the following info :

Full  Name:
Current Address :
Telephone Number:
Country of Origin :
Valid ID Card :

This is to enable us deliver your original ATM Debit Card to you within 72hrs.

Yours faithfully,
Terry Vincent Mackenzie ,
United Nations House Abuja .
Address: Plot 617, Diplomatic Zone , Central Area District P.M.B. 2851, Garki, 

NOTE: The U.N. Compensation Commission is actually a real organization. It was 
created by the Security Council in 1991 as a way to compensate the victims of 
the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and all over the world. The money for payments 
came from a fund that receives a percentage of the proceeds from sales of Iraqi 

--- End Message ---